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Hill Alarm Reliance R8 2 PIR Bundle

R8 / NX8 Security Alarm System

The Hills Reliance 8 /NX8 is ideal for securing up to 8 zones and is the simplest security system to operate making it ideal for both home and office. This Hills Reliance 8 alarm system can be programmed to report a fire, medical or personal emergency to an alarm monitoring station offering the best protection for your family home or business premises. This Hills alarm system can provide 24 hour remote monitoring via phone or an IP system.

Hills Reliance NX8 Features:

Dialler / Communicator
8 on-board wireless and hardwired zones
Connect up to 8 code pads
1 partition
8 user codes
Auto arming enable
Supports wireless key fobs, movement detectors and reed switches with the optional RF receiver
The keypad buzzer is particularly loud, which is advantageous for factories where there is a high level ambience noise
Supports back to base security monitoring

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