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Face Recognition Door Station


· 4.3 inch IPS display; screen resolution 800×480
· 2MP CMOS; true WDR
· Face-camera distance: 0.3 m–2 m; human height: 1.1 m–2.4 m (lens-
ground distance: 1.4 m)
· Touch button; IP65
· Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C
· Auto light illumination reduces light pollution
· Multiple unlock modes: Password unlock, IC card unlock, remote
unlock and face unlock
· Support 20, 000 users, 10,000 face images, and 10, 000 cards
· Face recognition speed: 0.2 second per person
· Support liveness detection
· Support full duplex; management platform, and voice call through APP
· Support SIP server
· Support duress alarm, tamper alarm, and door sensor timeout alarm

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