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Alarm System

An alarm system is your first line of defence. The use of an alarm system is to alert individuals to potential dangers, threats or intrusions. An alarm system typically consists of sensors or detectors that can detect unauthorized entry, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, or other environmental hazards. When a sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to the control panel, which in turn activates an audible or visual alarm.


Alarm systems can help to deter criminals by creating a loud noise or flashing lights when an intruder is detected, thereby making them more likely to leave the premises quickly. They can also provide early warning of potential fires or other hazards, allowing individuals to evacuate quickly and avoid injury or death.


Additionally, alarm systems can provide peace of mind and a sense of security for individuals and businesses, knowing that they have a system in place to detect and respond to potential threats.

We offer professional installation of a top-of-the-range alarm system. You can rest assured that you will be notified when there is a threat on your premises. ​Smart 360 Security has strong on-going partnership with many famous Australian suppliers.

Melbourne-based security company with over 10 years of on-the-job experience, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our security system installation. Our service area covers the whole of Victoria. 

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AX PRO Wireless Alarm System


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Bosch Alarm Kit, S3K-LCD-PIR-3 Solution 3000 Kit


security alarm installation melbourne

Hill Alarm Reliance R8 2 PIR Bundle


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